Introducing Enhanced Depth

“I’ve been chosen by the British Ying Group to be the American keymaster for their revolutionary ‘Enhanced Depth’ invention. It is an astonishing method to take regular 2D material, new or old, and make it into a truly immersive, 3D effect, but without glasses or other special equipment! No headaches or other eyestrain.” - Richard Edlund, ASC

Richard Edlund ASC & The Ying Group’s New Way to See 2D Imagery

The missing link in the viewer experience, this totally unique process lets viewers perceive unprecedented image depth with lifelike realism without special viewing apparatus. Once a project undergoes the Depth Enhancement process, each scene presents the viewer with a window on the world of that moment in the film, which can then be watched and rewatched and always feels different. This feeling of being invited and then immersed into a whole new visual world, more deeply integrates the viewer into the plot, raising the stakes of the story being told. Camera moves are intensified. The action is more sweeping or gently subtle according to the cinematographer’s goal. What’s more, this heightened impact is not dependent on the screen size or the viewing device whether it is projected in a theatre or viewed on home TV screens, computers, tablets or phones.

The Look of Depth™

Fifteen years ago a group of scientists, doctors and technologists came together to find a way to add perceived depth parameters to the existing visual and graphic palettes for 2D media. While renewed 3D technologies have popped up every decade or so, most methods rely on complicated rigs, double cameras, and ornate eyewear to get the best outcome. Or, others go for lengthy digital 3D conversion with months of rotoscoping that might take a year for a single feature to get up and running—and the high cost may be hard to recoup. Not so with Enhanced Depth.

The Ying Group discovered that by combining their proprietary digital technology and image recognition algorithms with an appreciation of the imperatives generated by lengthy study into human visual perception, one can achieve the rich and true-to-life multi-depth effect that has always been missing from 2D motion pictures, 2D print and 2D art. Better yet, this Enhanced Depth process requires no change to normal viewing habits, and to the currently installed base.

100% Compatible with Installed Professional & Consumer Base

No modifications to theatres or home screens are required. No glasses are necessary. That means no hidden after-market pricing. This proprietary technology is 100% compatible with the installed professional and consumer base. And Enhanced Depth is achieved whether the content is projected, broadcast or streamed. Small cinema owners can finally step into the 3D marketplace.

New Life to Beloved Classics

The Enhanced Depth process can be applied to both new and old films, programs, and commercials; from Golden Age Hollywood, to superhero blockbusters. So whether your goal is to add a new benefit to re-releases, to spice up music videos or a beverage commercial, or to add extra dimension to a new film or television spot, Enhanced Depth may be the answer.

Your First Look at this New Format

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